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For the Apple IIGS™ 

Please refer to the Apple II manual for the introduction, objective and playing 
instructions. This card will explain any differences between the Apple II and 
the IIGS versions. 

Loading Instructions: 

• Set up your Apple IIGS home computer as shown in the owner's 

• If you're using a joystick, plug the joystick in as shown in the owner's 
manual. If there are multiple players, each player can choose to play 
with the keyboard or joystick. The program will check before each 
player's turn to determine which controller was selected. If the 
keyboard is being used, players can take turns using the I, J, K, M 
keys (the number keys or the cursor arrow keys also work). The 
Solid Apple OPTION key functions as the FIRE BUTTON. 

Note: the only exceptions are Log Rolling and Sumo Wrestling in which 
one player may use the joystick and the other may use the keyboard. 

• Insert the WORLD GAMES disk into the drive, label facing up, cutout 
pointing toward the back. 

• Turn ON the computer. The program will AUTOBOOT. 

• After a few seconds, the title screen will appear. 


UIO 789 \ \ S 

JKL = 456 = 

NM, 123 / | \ 

Also note that through out the manual, where ever it tells you to press the 
FIRE BUTTON, you can also use the OPTION key on the keyboard (instead 
of RETURN). 

Option 7: SOUND ON/OFF (page 3) is not included on the IIGS version of 


Events: (Different from the manual) 

Slalom Skiing 

• To start skiing down the course, press the FIRE BUTTON (OPTION 

• Control your skier's turns by moving the joystick LEFT or RIGHT 
(or by pressing keys J or K) to turn left or right. 

• Press and hold the FIRE BUTTON (OPTION key) before moving 
the joystick in order to increase your speed and turning sensitivity 
(how sharply you turn). Release the FIRE BUTTON (OPTION key) 
to resume normal sensitivity. 

• Complete the course by passing through each gate. A gate is two flags 
of the same color - you must pass between each pair of flags. 

• The gates alternate colors, so you must ski between blue flags, then 
red flags. Missing a gate adds a five second penalty. 

Scoring and Strategy are the same as shown in the manual. 

Log Rolling 

• You may compete against another person or the computer. 

• When "PRESS YOUR BUTTON" appears on either half of the 
screen, the player whose name appears on that half must press the 
joystick FIRE BUTTON (OPTION key) to begin the event. The 
next player does the same. 

• To move the lumberjack's legs, continuously move the joystick LEFT 
and RIGHT (or keys J and K). Stay in rhythm with the log or you 
may lose your balance. 

• To slow the rolling of the log from forward or backward, and change 
its direction, press the FIRE BUTTON (OPTION key) while 

• Each player is allowed three attempts. 

Scoring and Strategy are the same as shown in the manual. 

Caber Toss 

• To run with the caber, move the joystick LEFT and RIGHT (or press 
keys J and K) in rhythm with the athlete's feet. To gain speed, 
increase the tempo of the rhythm smoothly. Avoid running past the 
white line. If you do, you will drop your caber (automatically judged 
a Fault). 


• To plant your feet and throw the caber, press and hold the FIRE 
BUTTON (or press and hold the OPTION key). 

• As the caber pivots in your hands, release the FIRE BUTTON (or 
release the OPTION key) to complete the throw. If you release too 
soon or too late, the caber may not flip correctly. 

Scoring: A toss is measured from the white line to the tip of the caber that 
touches the ground first, and the caber must flip over completely for a legal 
toss. The toss that travels the farthest distance wins the event. 

Strategy: When you start out, the caber will be tilting forward. As it contin- 
ues to rotate forward, walk towards the white line, keeping the caber tilted 
forward a bit. When you are close to the white line, start running with maxi- 
mum speed until the caber is almost in a vertical position. Before the white 
line, plant your feet and let the caber rotate forward a little again, then release 
the FIRE BUTTON (or release the OPTION key). 

Sumo Wrestling 

• Press the FIRE BUTTON (OPTION key) to begin the event and go 
into the crouch. 

• Control your wrestler by repeatedly moving the joystick or pressing 
the keys as indicated for the wrestling moves (see page 1 1 in the 
manual for diagrams of wrestling moves). 

• Press and hold the FIRE BUTTON (OPTION key) to attempt to grasp 
your opponent's belt. Then perform one of the moves (see page 1 1 in 
the manual) by repeatedly moving the joystick (or keys) while 
continuing to hold the FIRE BUTTON (OPTION key) down. 

• The computer maintains stamina and balance factors for each wrestler. 

• Release the FIRE BUTTON (OPTION key) to let go of your 
opponent's belt. 

• The first wrestler to leave the ring or touch the ground with any part of 
his body but the feet loses the match. 

Continuing Play 

To restart WORLD GAMES at any time, press and hold the CONTROL, 
OPEN-APPLE, and RESET buttons simultaneously. The program will 
reboot to the beginning of the game.